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Before, during and post treatment FAQ/facts


Q. Will it hurt?

A. Hopefully not! I use two types of numbing cream, one before we start and one that is used once the skin is open. The first set of strokes can feel a little scratchy but nothing too painful. Most people say it feels like threading.

Q. Do I still need to wax and tint my brows after they have healed?

A. With respect to tinting, that's up to you! Some people will still need tinting and some won't, as for waxing, yes you will still need to remove the hair around the brow tattooing.

Q. I'm worried about this being on my face permanently, what if shapes change over time?

A. The new method of tattooing is semi-permanent, if done correctly it should come off completely within four years. As for shape, I believe there's nothing more timeless than the shape you were born with and I will always base your shape off the way your natural brow shapes.

Q. Do I get to see the shape before we start?

A. Before all brow tattooing procedures, I measure up and draw on the brows beforehand and then I will show you.

Q. I don't want BLACK eyebrows!!

A. Good! I have many different pigments at my disposal and not one of them are black! I have very blondes, colours for red heads, and varying browns. No black.

Q. I had my eyebrows done 20yrs ago and they are just like a thin line, can you fix them?

A. Sure can! Sometimes, depending on the damage caused by the tattoo gun, I may only be able to use the tattoo gun to correct the shape. If I believe I can, I will always try correcting the brow with microblading as it is more natural.

Q. How long does it take?

A. I allow three hours, most people take 2-2.5hrs but I like to have extra time just in case. I allow 30mins for numbing, 30mins of measuring and the process involves a lot of waiting so don't think it's three hours of pain!

Before Treatment

* Do your research!! All cosmetic tattooists have their own style, look at technicians work and healed results to find what you like best.

* Bring a photo where you like your brows! This gives me an indication of the kind of shape you like.

* Don't fake tan! It can affect the ink colour, I always scrub the eyebrows beforehand anyway but just to be safe do not fake tan your face within 7 days of your treatment and 14days after.

* Wash your hair the night before- it is important not to get your eyebrows wet for 14days post procedure, washing your hair the night before means you have a longer immediate time post treatment not getting them wet.


* Try not to get them wet, if a bit of water drips over them it's not the end of the world but certainly be mindful about keeping water away.

* Same goes for steamy showers, quick showers until they heal as the steam has the same effect as getting them wet.

* Ointment morning and night, before you shower or before you exercise.

* Try to keep strenuous exercise limited during the healing time.

* Do not pick at them!! Let them heal naturally, premature removal of your scabbing may result in a poorly healed result.

* Patchiness post procedure is normal and that's why we have a touch up 4-8 weeks later.

* The eyebrows will appear darker before they peel, which point they can be quite light as the ink rests in the skin before the colour reappears. You will know the true colour at week three.


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing that uses a manual tool rather than a tattoo gun. Lasting up to four years, an initial touch up is performed 4-8 weeks post treatment and yearly thereafter. I take the time to measure and draw on the brows before each initial treatment, I use the best pigments on the market - Lipigments, I numb your brows prior to treatment and provide a barrier cream post care. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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